Resiliency Inspired Self Empowerment creates Unlimited Possibilities

Elmcor's Rise Up logo5-20 YEARS OF AGE – Our RISE UP program provides positive alternatives and opportunities to youth, adolescents and young adults.   Qualified counselors provide drug prevention/education services incorporating evidence-based and positive youth development interventions including- individual/group counseling, life-skills workshops, career, and education counseling, support services, and referrals. Services are provided at Elmcor and in convenient neighborhood locations: community centers, schools, churches, and community-based organizations.  Participants receiving prevention services can also participate in a menu of recreational, community service and civic engagement activities that help build resilience and self-confidence.  For older youth in need of alternative education options, they can enroll in Elmcor’s highly rated and successful GED Program, Pathways to Graduation which is conducted on-site by New York City Department of Education.  Families can also attend Parenting/ Strengthening Families workshops.

STEM’s Saturdays

9-16 YEARS OF AGE – STEM Saturdays is our Free weekend programming covering various topics related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M). Youth conduct hands-on labs; participate in workshops and training; educational trips, mentoring sessions with skilled professionals; and work with different themed projects on a 3-D Printer.  Elmcor’s goal is to spark early career exploration and developing a diverse pipeline of young students and professionals for the ever-changing and quickly growing STEM economy. This program is funded by support from Con Edison and News Corp.

For program inquiries please contact Leyla Bermudez (Director of R.I.S.E UP and Youth Services) at 718-651-0096 (Ext 223) or via email at l.bermudez@elmcor.org

Recreation Program

8-21 YEARS OF AGE – Our recreation program is housed in a state-of-the-art professional regulation-sized gymnasium where youth can participate in an array of team sports:  basketball, soccer, softball and learn boxing techniques in our boxing ring.  Our recreation programs are designed to provide a safe space and promote the advancement of youth by encouraging athletic development through sports, health education, programming to help strengthen confidence and character. In addition to the traditional programs, we also provide competitive travel teams and many special events throughout the year.

For program inquiries please contact David Edwards, Recreation Manager at 718-651-0096 (Ext 238) or via email at d.edwards@elmcor.org