“Professionalism” Elmcor Value of the Month

“Professionalism” Elmcor Value of the Month

Yariela - Professionalism, Value of the Month at Elmcor

Yariela Harwood – Professionalism

Congratulations to Yariela Harwood, Program Operations Manager, who has been selected to represent the Elmcor Value of Professionalism. Yariela exudes this value as an integral part of the day to day operations at Elmcor. She works with a strong sense of personal responsibility when dealing with the agency’s HR and IT needs, that pushes her to say no matter what “I’ll get it done!”

Ms. Harwood’s professional values assist her in devoting herself in a way that is always prepared to burn the midnight oil. Researching topics and new areas of HR and technology development to assure the success of her projects and consistently being someone you can depend to do the hard work…without complaint. Not only does she plan her own day for proficiency, but she is charged with assuring that the senior and program management teams stay on task to create an agency of excellence and professionalism.

“Professional is not a label you give yourself – it’s a description you hope others will apply to you.” – David Maister

Knowing that a part of our professional reputation as an agency is always how we market ourselves; Yariela works diligently to keep our social media, website and technology formats updated and with a professional look.  Yariela’s behind the scenes professionalism is what assists the rest of the Elmcor team be able to operate efficiently to provide quality services to the families we serve here at Elmcor.

Written by Elmcor Staff and Selected by Team Excellence